• 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom: 85 €
  • 3 bedroom + 3 bathroom: 95 €
The prices are approximately prices and are determined after consultation.

All rooms:
  • Vacuuming of floors and carpets.
  • Wet drying of floors.
  • Visible floor skirtings are wiped off.
  • Emptying of garbage.
  • Polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces, (not windows or glas railing outdoors).
  • Vacuuming of upholstered furniture, even under removable cushions for example, sofa.
  • Wiping of lamps that are easily accessible.

  • Emptying of fridge and freezer.
  • Wiping of fridge and freezer inside and outside.
  • Wiping of hob, oven (no deepclean) and microwave.
  • Wiping the outside of the extractor hood.
  • Wiping of the household appliances on the worktop.
  • Wiping the dishwasher outside.
  • Wiping of kitchendoors, drawerfronts and cabinets on the outside. Handles are wiped off.
  • Wiping of cabinet where waste container is available inside and outside.
  • Wiping of worktops, tap, sink and tiles.
  • Cleaning of sink, wiping of outside of bathroom cabinet, taps, shower, shower screen, bathtub and toilet.
  • Floor drain cover is being cleaned if easy accessible.
  • Towels, bathtowels and other bathroomtextiles are being washed after agreement.
  • Bedlinen are removed and being washed after agreement.
  • Mattress protectors, duvets, pillows and bedspreads are inspected and washed after agreement.
  • Mattress protector and pillow are placed on the bed, the duvet and bedspread are folded and placed on the bed.
  • Tiled terraces belonging to the accommodation are cleaned after agreement.
  • We check that the AC and underfloor heating are switched off.
  • We make sure all windows and gates/shutters are closed and locked. 
  • We activate the alarm (if there is one) when we leave the property.