Keyholding costs 40 €/year.

We keep your key in a securitysafe in an insured place with an alarm system. Your key is labeled with a reference number. For your safety, we do not list your key with address. Upon request by mail from you, we make the key available to you, your guests and craftsmen at our pickup point. We only handover the key after verification of identification.

Alternatively we can meet up and leave and also collect the key to you, your guests and craftsmen at your property at a cost 15 €. At each key delivery/pick up a maximum of one hour wait is included, the next starting hour will be charged with an additional 15 €.

Are you renting out your property and need help with keyholding to your guests? Of course we can offer you keyholding and also meet and greet if you wish! Contact us and describe your needs for more information and price!