Property checks:

When we do a property check at your accommodation we make a visual inspection internal and external to make sure there has been no damage to the property. We flush the toilets and run water through the taps to eliminate the risk of pests and smell from the drains. We air the property and empty the mailbox. We water your plants if you wish. After every property check we send you an e-mail with a report.

With us you always get a 10% loyal customer discount when you renew your property check agreement.

Property check agreements:
You choose whenever you want to use the number of property checks in the agreement
, within 12 months.

  • 5 times: 90 €
  • 10 times: 170 €
  • 15 times: 240
  • 20 times: 300 €

The property check agreement will be paused when you stay in  your property and continues after agreement when you have left the property.

If you have any other wishes than above property check agreements we can customize them after your needs.