Breakfast package:
Are you or your guests arriving late to the property and want us to arrange for breakfast to be available the first morning? In that case you can order a breakfast package for four persons of a value of 25 €. In order to bring the breakfast package we need to keep your key. (You need to have the service Keyholding or Property checks.)
The breakfast package consists of:
Water, orange juice, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, yoghurt, bread, margarine, eggs, cheese, ham, wine and beer.
We do the shopping and bring the goods to your property so you or your guests have them at the agreed time.
The cost of a breakfast package for four persons is 25 € + 15 € for delivery.

Do you have other requests regarding purchase of goods or do you need help receiving goods at your property?
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you!